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Here is a huge collection of Free USMLE step 2 CS videos ranging from patient history taking, examination tips and advice to physical examination of all the different systems. Check the UsmleSource Step 2 CS Video Forum

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This website residentscafe was started by me when I was a resident in 2004 and over the last few years, we have helped over 6000 medical graduates that graduated from American and Foriegn medical schools to get into a residency of their choice by providing information, guidance and valuable advice. The secret in getting a residency is doing each step in a year long application process in a timely and professional manner so that you stand the best chance starting from Personal statements to preparing for the interview.

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 ResidentsCafe Program Minimum Requirements with official emails from Program Directors has been helping thousands of residency applicants get into the residency of their choice since 2004. We provide the most up to date and detailed information all on the residency programs in the country with hundreds of pages and official emails from program directors!.

Special reduced price now for a limited time! In order to make these popular program requirements more affordable, we have reduced the price by over 35% for a limited time. This is the best deal you can find on the internet with detailed information on IMG friendly programs! The secret of success starts with applying to the right programs as you need about 8 interviews to maximize your chances of success in the match!


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I was like all of you, a visa seeker, looking for a list of programs that sponsor H1B. My scores were in the early 90s and because of Residentscafe.com's program requirements list, I received 30 interview calls. You see its not how many programs you apply to, the secret is the right programs to apply to that will sponsor your visa and is IMG friendly. Residentscafe.com has all that.

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Residency Requirements

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